Placement Fair 2010, DA-IICT B.Tech-2007

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Placement Fair 2010, DA-IICT B.Tech-2007

“After 4-5 years of your career nobody will ask you what was your package in the first company you worked in, instead you”ll be asked in which company you worked for the first time”

Duration: May_2010 – August_2010

Just after third year got finished along with the end of SEN (Software engineering) course which is a very heavy course according to students ( though I never felt anything like that, we enjoyed it a lot 😉 ), we started with our preparation for placements. It was told that companies will start visiting our campus with the start of July and everybody wants to get out of these placements as soon as possible. Now that is not by doing some forbidden things or breaking any rules but going out with a nice offer ( not necessarily A 😛 ) in hand.

We have two categories A and B, where B includes salary from any amount (can be..30 Rs. a day. 😛 ) to 3.99 L/A and A includes 4 – X L/A (X can be anything even in million 😉 ). For the detailed polices along with rules and regulations visit SPC site Placements @DA-IICT

We all studied very hard in this summer (2010) along with our Research/Industrial Internship (some did it seriously like us 😉 ). I made detailed notes of each and everything from C, C++, Java, DSA, DBMS, CNS, OS, SEN and Computer Graphics (whosoever need it contact me, price negotiable 😛 ). I was ready with 5-6 different kind of resumes for different companies. Before it all started I told one of my good friend and my X-roomy Nikhil Rajpal (the first guy to get placed in our college, dude u rocks company:”Verse Innovations”), that I think I won’t be placed in the starting of the process, god will force me to face ( let me enjoy ) the real taste of process where before every round you feel hungry, tensed and worried like anytime you could be shot dead :X , after every round you keep on waiting for the result (clicking refresh every time to our local webmail) feel the real fear and that’s what happened.

So here is the list of the names of companies I sat for (told to stand up and get out.. :X :X ):

1. Verse Innovations

2. Saba Softwares

3. Khotari Infotech (only presentation)

4. Accenture (Got placed  \m/ – B offer)

5. Direct-I

6. Imaginea (Pramati- its business unit)

7. Evosys

8. ZS Associates (reached to the last round but…:P)

9. Qualcomm (came for Internship only)

10. Deloitte, US (GOT SELECTED.. 🙂 -A Offer \m/)

Now here is a detailed description of the environment that was created at that time the pressure that got built up, the tension that prevailed, the de-motivation after each rejection, the destabilization with every other students’ selection, the fear before exam, the worry for the result, answering the parents and relatives about all the situations hiding some thing from them 😛 and all the fun.

6’th of August 2010:

Verse Innovation arrived in our campus, it was offering 5.5 (CTC) with internship 14,000Rs./Month which was quite good. But the main problem which some guys thought was that it was a new company which started on 17’th of April 2007 only, having its head office at Bangalore. It was into Mobile application Searches basically a query provider through SMS, WAP and Net providing newspaper(as told by them).

I attended the PPT though most of the top pointers (note that pointer doesn’t show your real achievement or intelligence, but company has got only one thing to which will be deciding factor and it does matter), so the competition was not so tough while the company profile needs you to be  proficient with JAVA and basic programming practice. I didn’t want to go for an intern at that time because I wanted to enjoy my last semester having fun here in college only, and I haven’t started JAVA. I appeared for the test and it was quite simple if you know basic JAVA concepts and good programming command. I was thrown out in the first round itself. While Nikhil Rajpal made it into the company.

1. Written Technical test (Two sections: first objective the second subjective based on JAVA )

2. Technical Interview- 2 rounds (Basic algorithms and concepts of OOP as JAVA was not taught in our college curriculum, and questions based on your resume)

7’th of August 2010:

SABA Software which was started in 1997 and head office in Redwood Shores California,  visited today still competition was not that tough because the everybody was carrying about CTC they use to think that if they are opting for A grade company it should not be on just the boundary in-spite I would suggest you guys “After 4-5 years of your career nobody will ask you what was your package in your first company while you”ll be asked in which company you worked for the first time”, so dude company name and reputation does matter The company offered 4 Lakh/annum. I was not interested in this too since it also offered internship. I sat for the test the test was simple but I was again thrown out in the first round itself 😛 .

The post offered was Software Associate and they were impressed by out seniors working there.

1. Technical Test(Programming questions subjective and a general aptitude + knowledge questions)

2. Group Discussions (For some students who just crossed the cut off)

3. Technical Interview (Again OOP concepts was required with some knowledge of JAVA)

9’th of August 2010:

Kothari Infotech from Surat visited today but due to less popularity and less growth opportunity most students didn’t even registered, while I went to PPT asked a lot of questions, answered some of them but came out of Lecture Theater, it was a simple programming test. But during PPT they actually taught a lot of  things we were feeling like  we just completed our training in Kothari Infotech LOL 😛 .

1. Programming Test written

2. Technical + HR Interview at Surat (even Microsoft don’t use to call guys for interview any where while this company did, man you should first look at the priority of the students :X )

10’th of August 2010:

Today came the first mass recruiter Accenture a multinational but with a very low package (guys at-least give us sufficient money to be able to eat and survive in your company ) 3.1 lakh/annum. I attended the PPT and thr HR ma’am who came was thinking like she is the most superior officer in the whole world today, the way she told us to bring all our certificates and documents with in 10 min. was really pathetic. We actually had an marathon as our second round for selection 😉 . Our Prof. Mr. Asim Banerjee  shouted on her which was actually required then she fine but with attitude.

I was not sure whether to sit or not as if I got selected my B-offer will be finished with such a minimum package most of the guys were in the same delima. In the presentation they told you’ll be getting ~22 thousand/ month in hand and then our Placement officer Rashmil Mishra told us that atleast they are honest they are telling you that every other B company will give you more or less the same package so if you want go for it. Then I had a talk with my father he told me to do whatever I think is correct and Abhishek Mahawar my friend asked one of his uncle who is in some IT company on a good position, he told us to go for it. Then I told myself “Khatam karo yaar aaj…”. Then we both sat for it the first was again aptitude test they selected ~93 so I got selected then it was just a child game for me, though in technical interview they asked me to code my SEN project simple page with all the basic functionality in paper in Visual C#. While attempting I asked some questions and before he was able to know whether I know the .Net language or not I came to know he don’t know .Net languages 😉 so I wrote such functions which were actually not possible and never seen by any person in the world and used them confidently. He got convinced.

While in HR round around 6:30 pm in the evening I haven’t had any snacks or lunch only a juice from morning, and then those placement committee guys kept samosa and tea before the HR interviewer, he offered me  but I said I just had..(if he was not there I would have ate all those with in seconds 😛 ), but then my eyes were on his tea only (which incidentally is my favorite drink  ) and it worked that cup of tea fell on him. I just went outside brought some tissue papers and water bottle for him an helped him. He got impressed and I got selected. 🙂

1. Aptitude Test

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview

12’th of August 2010:

One of the giant visited today Direct-I which was founded in 1998 and works in Social Networking software, domain providing services, Instant messages, anti-virus etc. The package offered was very nice 8-12 Lakh/annum students would have killed others if allowed to do so for that 😛 . The presentation was really nice, interactive as there were prizes (i-pod, Fast-track watches, T-Shirts ) I knew almost all the answers but was waiting for the i-pod question and in the last it came out that i-pod is for the first round topper 😦 .

The work was too much technical that too they won’t train you, you just get comfortable to their environment, ask them what you want (5 screens, 5 mouse, 3 keyboards, 4 CPUs 😛 ), you will get your food from TAJ caterers really amazing but you have to get your work done with all innovations within the deadline, you also have flexible time and gaming day 🙂 .

First round was a mix of aptitude and programming again I didn’t make it, while even if Direct-I comes to me and say they’ll give me 8 lakh CTC then too I would say no to them simply because I am not that expert in coding and really don’t want to sit in front of the computer and code 10 hours a day and also I don’t deserve it 🙂 . Each time some or the other guys were getting selected and I was there only not able to clear even the first round. Well for me first round is the biggest obstacle for mr, rest parts are just a child game.

1. Online test (Aptitude + programming)

2. Technical Interviews 3

3. Final HR + Technical round with the CEO Bhavin in Mumbai.

Only one student made through Kushagra Sharma which was not expected by anyone (not even by himself  😛 ) but he did, good one man, congo.

14’th of August 2010:

Then came the company for which I was actually preparing seriously Imaginea (Business unit of Pramati, Hyderabad) , but again here also I didn’t got selected in the first round (the students who sat behind cheated and some of them were having contacts they used it to get through first round..). I was like now nothing left for me when the result was out, but I never got depressed still I haven’t revised SQL query part of DBMS so I started for that. But then I asked SPC convener Aashish Bhagat that User interface design post is also there na, he told yes and told me to come tomorrow morning in the Interview building. I prepared my work studied for User Interface part slept only for 2 hours that night without telling anybody about that. Then I went to our SPC officer she asked those company guys and they told me to submit my portfolio, I did and finally didn’t got selected then I came to know I still need a lot of hard work in UID part 😦 .

While the package was very good ~5.6 CTC, but I heard that HR and the facilities are worse and the work Quality Assurance is writing code for checking the correctness of software was not so fascinating for me, still I wanted to get through it but didn’t.

1.  Aptitude + Java concepts (Objective Paper)

2.  Technical Interviews -2

They selected 14 students and with that all the students above me(on the basis of pointer) got selected, I didn’t knew whether I should be happy that competition is gone or should I be sad that I didn’t made it.

20’th of August 2010:

Today Evosys visited our campus which a Ahmadabad based company while its customer base was in Saudi and UAE so you have to be in those countries for at-least 6-8 months a year and package was ~4.0 which was quite good. I also had a talk with my senior there he told me a lot of things about the market and actual situation, then I got interested for it and prepared sincerely. I was sure of getting selected first the competition was not that much(even if it were I don’t have problem if I clear the first round), and second there was no aptitude round only GD and interview.

But I messed up here also , my topic was “Should oil products’ prices be regulated by market or government”, I spoke about general things without even understanding the real meaning of topic and that too I dominated on that. So again I was out from the first round itself the tragedy continues.

1. Group Discussions

2. Technical Interview -2

24’th of August 2010:

Then came one more giant this time in consultancy field, the ZS Associates, I prepared  a lot for it. I was sure of clearing the first round as it was not aptitude, the best paper for overall judgment of a person. I was sure I was in the top-5 (mite be first 🙂 ). There were two profiles BTA Business Technical Associates and BOA Business Operations Associates, with the package of 7 lakh/annum.

I cleared the first round then second was a group discussion and the topic was again the same which was there for me in Evosys so I knew what not to speak I did it well, I was on the first position in GD, then on the next morning we were called for case study round where I was a little bit confused, I had a discussion with my brother who is a MBA graduate and have a good knowledge. Still I couldn’t figure it out what actually he wanted to listen from me(he wanted mathematical equation while I presented vague idea and description ). Then they allowed me to enter the next round while I was judged after that my HR-Technical round was perfect but case study round went bad, so they thrown me out but after providing me lunch with them. I didn’t eat as much what I wanted (the food was fo good quality and FREE 😉 ) because all were finished much before me so I have to stand up 😦 . Finally I got rejected but I never lost the hope I started planning for the next company to visit that was Qualcomm for internship.

1. Aptitude+ Programming+ Creativity+ DBMS+ thought questions (written subjective test)

2. Group Discussion.

3. Case Study

4. HR+Technical Interview

5. Final HR+Technical Interview with India Head Sir Jude

18’th of August 2010:

Now Qualcomm which was scheduled on 13’th of August 2010 got postponed to 18’th of August 2010, due to which I had to cancel my Annual MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) meet 201 held in Goa, missed a good opportunity but studied very hard especially Operating System. But still here also the hard luck continues and the first round messing up continues. While I was some what sure about my selection for first round and that’s why studied whole night but I was not selected, still not demotivated since I had a B-offer of Accenture with me. 🙂

1. Technical Test (Written)

2. Technical Interview

27’th of August 2010:

Then comes the company Future First with highest package 8.32 CTC amazing who didn’t want to go in such company. But after that I came to know that once entered in this field consultancy and IT field is almost closed for you, so go only if you are interested and you should have good knowledge of market, shares, investments. Also if you make a loss to company it will just throw you out. So I figured out that this was not a job for me not because I could be thrown out but because I don’t have any idea of market, shares…(???? 😦 ). I thought I have already registered, since there was a problem with the registration link , so I went for the test it was fast calculation round, I did 31/40 questions and I was sure of getting selected but again that tragedy of first round 😦 . This time due to registration fault of mine I haven’t registered so instead of being selected they cut my name.

1. Fast calculation (40 questions in 6 min.)

2. Aptitude round

3. Game of share market (you need to invest WISELY and make maximum profit)

4. HR Interview (with share market knowledge)

They took 2 students, while on the same day one of the most popular company was also in campus DELOITTE, everybody’ dream company.

27’th of August 2010:

DELOITTE US was on visit on the same day, but I was in deli ma because I wanted to sit for National Instruments (6.87 lakh/annum, electronics profile) . As package was quite good, and the most important thing was the kind of work they provided Technical + Consultancy with a lot of exposure while dealing with different clients and that too with good location (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore(new office) ) and most especially the tag name of DELOITTE with the profile of BTA Business Technical Associate (other was AERS Advisory Executive Risk Services which was more technical that BTA).

PPT was fantastic without any prizes it was interactive and all those 7 guys (4M, 3F) were perfect in every sense and were really fascinating. After the presentation I was clear that this the one in which I want to get into, but somewhere in my heart there was a fear for the first time in this placement fair. I don’t know why.

First round was again aptitude ( 😦 😦 ). During the test and after it I was very nervous because it was tough and I was somewhat sure of not getting selected though somewhere in my heart there was still a confidence that I will. But when I came to now that they are going to select 95 students, I was pretty much sure of my selection now as I saw my name in the list I was then sure that “Dude you got selected in Deloitte”, because I have faced almost all kinds of group discussions, technical or HR interviews, case studies and presentations. So I step by step cleared all the round though some fear was there which was required but full confidence.

Finally the list arrived and SPC Officer told me well done Shivam you made it and then I took a deep breathe, we then clicked some photos with my camera which I was carrying throughout the day for the purpose of the final photograph 😉 .

1. Aptitude

2. Case Study

3. Presentation of the case study

4. Technical + HR interview (less technical )

I faced a lot of challenges throughout the process and after getting this I am very happy because I worked so hard for this and got defeated a lot of times this was my 10’th company, but I had the courage to keep in sitting for the companies like this upto the next June (I actually mean it and was even ready for that).

Message:  God has planned the way and destiny for you with the perfect time already entered in his Excel sheet he only wants to check your passion and believe in him, just keep working hard you will get what you deserve (this is not the first time this has happened to me), so just believe him and continue on your way with smile on your face.

[Though I am nobody to give advise to any one but still this what I thought and worked out for me 🙂 ]

“The person who gets a chance to pursue his hobby as his career is the luckiest and the most satisfied person in the world, I want to be that person.”   —Hope I’ll…..;)



[Please comment your views or any suggestions ….., also my writing skills are not so good so please bear with it ]