The First Year in Corporate World!!!

First year @Corporate World.


Just completed one year in Deloitte and experienced enough to guide the freshers for their new journey.

This post is about general corporate experience and not about any particular firm, or for that matter ‘Deloitte’.

Now before the experience I want to clear one thing about Deloitte, ‘perception’. There is this thinking that Deloitte offers consultancy profile where we will be talking to the client and won’t be doing technical work. Guys when Deloitte is hiring from some technical it knows why and it wants you to do some technical work here, else it would go to some MBA or other college where students are having good communication skills. You think if you yourself don’t know how the work is done what will you talk to the client?

Even after 4-5 years of experience you won’t be doing this job, what you will be doing is technical work. So if you are good in technical things then you will get a lot of respect from the firm (any firm). I do coding and people 7 years more experienced than me do coding. So don’t think you will be trapped in a non-technical job and won’t grow. But yes the environment here is a little care free, that will make you a little lazy, and if you switch the company from Deloitte to some other hard core technical firm, you might face difficulty out there, in terms of following their schedule and deadlines for the work. I think you can force your self to do things on time and learn by yourself, Rest everything is very good here including communication skills, friendly environment, people from different background plus good amount of learning and the growth opportunities.

Now when I joined this firm, I was of course excited to be a part of such a reputed firm and ready to learn from the people here.  Starting 3 months were like honeymoon for us, we had trainings, where I again sat on the first bench and made extensive notes, answered questions, asked doubts and did all those things which a wanna be topper would do. But now I am in a firm not in a school or coaching class. Even in college people will make fun of you, if you do such kind of things. Same thing happened here too [Not actual fun], but they told me ‘You want to get first rank or what here, why are you still a student?’, I started laughing and told guys you should be student throughout your life, that’s the only way to grow up. But after 2-3 days I was back on my masti-mood. Taking pics in the class with the instructor present in the class. Got tea/coffee inside, while it was not allowed, didn’t follow the line which these people make to get free lunch during training. Cracked jokes, sung songs in the bus, even danced with the music on.

After one month, started our project where we were told to read the documents and apply the knowledge that we get. We had technical trainings based on the technology assigned to us. In the starting I was involved in a lot of non-project related fun activities – this is the list of what all I did in the firm in first year [By reading all these activities you will not be able to judge whether I am in college or in the firm]

1. Dance Performance

2. Fashion Show [Model 😛 ]

3. Skits [total – 3] , Ad-Mad Show

4. 3 Flash mobs

5. Played dholak and shouted slogans in the firm.:P

and a lot more things… 🙂 🙂

But after completing half year I was moved out from my first project [Still don’t know the reason, but was good], then I realized that why I am here. I am here not to dance not to play dholak I am here to work.

“If the firms wants some actor or dancer, they will hire somebody from art school who is more professional and will take less money. The firm hired you from a technical school, so you should be doing technical things here”  🙂

These extra activities are there for you to make you networks in the firm and when you don’t have any work, use this network and get some work for your self so that you have something to show in the year end performance evaluation meeting. I then took advantage of my network and the work came automatically to me, I left other things or minimized them. Concentrated on my technical skills and developed some of the useful apps for the firm which it is using now :). Feels happy about that and learnt a lot of things trough it. Still not very sound in technical skills but trying and learning.

Got a good feedback in the year end performance evaluation [worked hard for it]. Now people around me were confused how I got those ratings while they never saw me working. Well I guys I don’t work to show but ya I show my work 😉 , when I am done with it.

I worked even late nights and on weekends to achieve what ever I have got till date and still have to work really hard to get what all I want from my life [the satisfaction 😉 ]. This is the time and age to work, we are not married [plus I don’t have a girlfriend 😉 ], we don’t have responsibilities on us, so we can surely devote our time to work, learn and grow so as to make our future more secure and support the people who are responsible for your success and make them happy [your parents/family].

Now I hear a lot of people saying, I want to change my job, I am done here, the job is boring, the people here sucks – Guys you decide your past, present and future – “If you are not happy with what and where you are you will never be happy”. So try fighting with the odds.

Like all other people I am also confused about my future [job-another firm/MBA-CAT/MS-GRE]. So trying for other things but my priority is always my current job, completed 1.4 years in the firm. Even working now while I am writing this post on a Saturday evening – I enjoy it. 🙂

[Will be updated soon.]



Shivam Shukla